Dealing with Complexity.

Leadership Development

Leadership in organisations has changed fundamentally over the past few decades. The certainty is gone. Things are incredibly complex. Decisions have global consequences. Teams are increasingly geographically dispersed, and virtual communication is part of day-to-day work. Leaders are expected to provide stability when the ground is shifting underneath their feet. These are messy times. And exciting times. And times full of opportunity for those who know how to navigate them.

Are you ready to thrive in this future?

Insight in Action offers a range of leadership development packages designed to help people with influence become the leaders they aspire to be. Leadership is much more than management. It is about dealing with people, about working with teams, about navigating complex organisations.

We will not teach you the 101 of management – there are plenty of books that do that, and they are probably standing on your bookshelf. We offer experiential learning that deals with the powerful psychological and hidden aspects of leadership – because people and teams don’t follow instructions from a textbook. The reason why so many teams and organisations are dysfunctional is that people don’t behave according to job descriptions. They have their own agendas, fears and expectations. Groups are rife with competition and can even become paralised because of dynamics that happen entirely under the surface. Leaders who have the ability to engage with other peoples’ minds, to see through the messiness of unproductive teams and stay one step ahead of dysfunctional organisational dynamics are the leaders of the future.

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  • social scientist, executive coach, trainer
    Corinna Arndt
    Corinna specialises in people and organisations, especially organisational culture and processes of change. She has a long track record of studying organisations in depth using ethnographic and other qualitative research methods. Her additional post-graduate training in counselling, coaching and psychoanalysis allow her to weigh in on the psychological aspects that are fundamental to peoples' decision-making and group dynamics.