Organisational Consulting

People. Systems. Psychodynamics

When organisations are going through difficult times and you are right in the middle of it all, it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. A lot may be at stake, perhaps people are worried about what is happening. Action is needed, problems have to be solved. The pressure is on.

The pressure to do something – anything – can be severe. But often there is precious little time to step back, alone or with colleagues, and think things through. Properly. To consider potential gains alongside the risks. How do you reconcile productivity with morale? Targets with creativity? Unavoidable restructuring with healthy relations between different teams and departments? How do you get a realistic sense of what is needed, and of the potential implications? How do you get people on board for change, and how do you unlock their expertise and creativity in going forward?

Whatever the challenge you are dealing with, chances are that the solution is not straightforward. The problem may involve specific people, but it’s not just about people. It may seem to be purely located on the structural or systemic level (e.g. a merger), but it rarely is. The main challenge may even seem to lie outside your sphere of influence alltogether, but nevertheless some action is needed.

At Insight in Action we know that in today’s world solutions are not straight forward because challenges are complex – so complex that it takes a level-headed, well-informed, structured and collaborative approach to deal with them. That is why we always work on three levels: the organisation or system as a whole and in context, the individual people and groups that are key to what is happening, and the invisible under-the-surface processes on a psychological level that can make or break any deal and derail even the best technical solution.

People. Systems. Psychodynamics.

No nonsense. No shortcuts. And we are happy to be there through all stages of the process:

  • research
  • facilitation of consultative processes
  • reports and workable recommendations
  • implementation of interventions
  • training and knowledge transfer
  • executive coaching
  • monitoring, evaluation and sustainability soutions

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  • social scientist, executive coach, trainer
    Corinna Arndt
    Corinna specialises in people and organisations, especially organisational culture and processes of change. She has a long track record of studying organisations in depth using ethnographic and other qualitative research methods. Her additional post-graduate training in counselling, coaching and psychoanalysis allow her to weigh in on the psychological aspects that are fundamental to peoples' decision-making and group dynamics.