Experiential Learning
One step ahead of group processes.
Experiential Learning  Experiential learning conferences in the group relations tradition offer an unusual, intense and stimulating process of personal learning around how things like power [...]
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Organisational Consulting
People. Systems. Psychodynamics.
Organisational Consulting  When organisations are going through difficult times and you are right in the middle of it all, it can be hard to see [...]
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Executive Coaching
Your insight. Your action.
Executive Coaching As you climb higher the air gets thinner. Most other hikers stayed at basecamp, a few have joined your team. You are pressing [...]
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Leadership Development
Dealing with Complexity.
Leadership Development Leadership in organisations has changed fundamentally over the past few decades. The certainty is gone. Things are incredibly complex. Decisions have global consequences. [...]
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Knowledge you can work with.
Research  You want to understand what is happening. You want information that is reliable, trustworthy, clear, concise and actionable. At Insight in Action we don't [...]
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