Knowledge You Can Work With.

You want to understand what is happening. You want information that is reliable, trustworthy, clear, concise and actionable.

At INSIGHT IN ACTION we don’t cut corners. Thorough research is the very foundation of good decision-making and successful interventions – whether they are aimed at increasing productivity, customer and staff satisfaction, restructuring, mergers, changes of the organisational culture, or whatever it is your organisation is faced with.

We have extensive experience in researching organisations in depth and work closely with clients when designing and implementing research projects. Methods may include surveys and questionnaires, document analysis, observation, interviews, focus-group discussions, ethnography and action research designs. Typically a mixture of methods produces the best results.

Corinna Arndt has specific sector expertise in:

  • government and public service
  • media and communications
  • academia/ tertiary education
  • mental health
  • not-for-profit

Within the network of associated consultants INSIGHT IN ACTION also covers:

  • the security sector (police, intelligence)
  • international organisations (UN, African Union)
  • health care (NHS)
  • schools/ education
  • conservation and environment
  • social scientist, executive coach, trainer
    Corinna Arndt
    Corinna specialises in people and organisations, especially organisational culture and processes of change. She has a long track record of studying organisations in depth using ethnographic and other qualitative research methods. Her additional post-graduate training in counselling, coaching and psychoanalysis allow her to weigh in on the psychological aspects that are fundamental to peoples' decision-making and group dynamics.